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The Ultimate Dean Hall Page

Dean Anthony Hall


B.A. Political Studies -- University of Saskatchewan. GO HUSKIES!

International Studies Certificate -- To Be Completed.

M.A, M.B.A., PhD. -- Not Yet, maybe in 10 years. ; )

Work Experience

University of Saskatchewan Student's Union -- Administrative VP. Actual job: Concert Promoter, Chief Money Officer, Minister in Charge of Distractions, Idea Guy, Team Player, the guy you complain to about parking.

TransCanada PipeLines -- Corrosion Surveyor. Actual duties - the jobs that students get because permanent employees are too important for unproductive activities.

Political Experience

University of Saskatchewan Student's Union -- Administrative VP. A tough election against Six excellent opponents. I won by three votes.

Arts and Science Student's Union -- Publications VP, Academic VP. Record holder for being captured by the U of S Engineers (a dubious honour).

Arts and Science Cornerstone Fund -- Coordinator. One of the three people responsible for the cards that A&S graduates get in the mail asking them to continue giving money to the University, even though they don't have jobs. It's actually a great program, in its first two years (my years) it raised over $60 000 in pledges.

Political Studies and Public Administration Student's Society -- President, Social Director. The first Political Studies student to head that organization.

Four time student representative on University of Saskatchewan Faculty Council, sort of like the House of Commons for the University of Saskatchewan.

Served on 20+ minor and/or important (at least they seemed that way at the time) University committees. Issues such as: University Capital budget planning, scholarships and awards, Library budget and planning, and University parking.


Dean uses Macintosh computers, rides Rocky Mountain mountain bikes and Marinoni road bikes, and tries to play Fender Stratocaster guitars.

Best Biking Experience

Three consecutive all up-hill 12-hour days between Barrie and Ottawa, and 80 km/hr tailwind in the Gaspe Pennisula, during a seven-week cross Canada bike trip. Worst experience: 80km/hr headwind in Southern Manitoba.


Peter F. Drucker, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tom Clancy.


the Hip, sloan, SOTW, Big Sugar, Sarah McLachlin, Neil Young, Streetheart, Prism. Canadian Music Rules!

Website Credits

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Last update: June 7, 1997