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The Executive in Action: 3 Classic Works on Management - Peter F. Drucker. Three of Drucker's most important works in one volume: Managing for Results, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and The Effective Executive


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The Executive in Action: 3 Classic Works on Management
- Peter F. Drucker

To understand Drucker, one must take the long view of economic history. Rather than planning for a short-term business cycle, Drucker looks at long term sustainability. A statement that: “the high-tech industry has yet to make a dime”, may seem outrageous but Drucker looks at the 40 year history of the entire industry. The profits of Microsoft, Intel, and IBM do not balance the investments in R&D, the transitional labour costs, and all the high-tech failures. Rather than a statement of pessimism, it is one of optimism: the high tech industry is still immature with room for growth.   

He writes of a 20-year cycle from the initial investment in Research and Development to commercial acceptance.  The Internet confirms this: it took 20 years for ARPNET to evolve into the World Wide Web.  The most successful innovators are not the pioneers, but those that build on the efforts of others. The Tech-industry follows this pattern: Netscape commercializing Mosaic, Microsoft marketing Apple’s ideas, or the Macintosh extending Xerox’s PARC research.

"I have no interest in celebrities... If all the super-rich disappeared, the world economy would not even notice. The super-rich are irrelevant to the economy."  - on Bill Gates, Forbes 3/10/97

"'s like that very old French story about what it means to become an adult. You no longer talk about having sex, you have it." - Urging the tech industry to mature, Wired 1.3 

"I never predict. I just look out the window and see what's visible—but not yet seen." - Forbes 3/10/97

"If you don't charge enough money [so] that they are conscious of it, you have no impact." - On his fees, Forbes 3/10/97