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October 15, 1997
Why you should move to Ottawa. Red Herring 

The interface is an art form? The Atlantic 

Should your next job be high-tech? Business Week

October 13, 1997
Every site needs an access point, an article that makes the reader want to come back and find more. That's one of the things I'm trying to do with this site, find pointers to good articles in eZines. 

The Fray is one of those sites that I should like but could never find an article that I wanted to read, until I found this story about Derek's not-so dream job at HotWired. I guess I'm a year late in discovering the Fray. Now if I could just figure out how to read Word

More Apple bombshells at MacOS Rumors, and an explanation at AppleRecon.

October 7, 1997
Today is DaveNet's Three Year Anniversary. To celebrate Sun is suing Microsoft over Java incompatibility in Internet Explorer 4.  See DaveNet for more details. 

Pamela Anderson Lee, of unauthorized x-rated video fame, on Internet Privacy: Yahoo! Internet Life

Twelve rules of the New Economy: Wired 5.09

"If we were paid by the quote... I suspect I'd be the richest man in cyberspace." - Adam Schoenfeld, a VP at Jupiter Communications. Wired 5.09



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