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March 24 , 1998


Beware the wrath of Steve 
(March 24, 1998) Gil Amelio's book  "On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple" comes out in April. Will it support his claim of being a corporate turnaround artist? Or as Upside says, Amelio's best defence is to keep quiet. Does he really want to be a target of Steve's famous temper? 

Quotes from Gil's Book: 

    in the San Jose Mercury 

      "I have worked through my disappointment in the way Steve Jobs treated me, but shall never forget the pain of it.'' 

    in the Red Herring 
      "We had a financial crisis, then a quality-control crisis, and then an OS strategy crisis. When I look at what I had to do, I think I hit it pretty much on the head."  

      "Steve's 'Think different' campaign is absolutely wrong." 

      "I honestly think that Apple needs someone more like me than like Steve." 


       'How do we create the greatest opportunity to have the Mac platform accepted by the broad base of users?' and  the leading answer would be, 'By giving it an operating system that would be a variation of Windows NT'" 

    in ZDNET 
      Jobs' "technical understanding only goes a  
      micron deep." 

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