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banner created by Jon

Last Update May 11, 1997

A Short Rant

While creating this Made With Mac banner archive I noticed something that would make a University Professor cringe; most banner collections forget to credit the original creator of the banner. So use the three Archive links at your own risk. As far as I know, the rest of the links link to the orginal artist. If i'm wrong let me know and I'll promply fix it.

Quick Stats

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Propaganda Links - contains excellent macintosh superiority statistics.

Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList

Made With Mac Banners

NEW The World's Largest Mac Banner Archive - collected by Jon.
NEW Made with MacOS - french and english icons.
Screen Design - Cartoon icons.
Power Badges - animated banners.
The-Tech: Made With Macintosh
Applenet - official Apple banners.
Matthew McRae's - Get Mac or Get Lost banners.
Graphically Speaking
Original Mac Made logos
Made with Mac propaganda
Pete's MacMade Collection
Appleholics-Annonymous banner archive
Jeremy's Made With Mac Archive

HTML Editor Banners

BBedit - Built with BBedit
Simpletext - The Simpletext Movement 1, Simpletext Movement 2
PageSpinner - MatthewAS

Server Banners

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If you have any Macintosh propaganda type banners that you would like listed on this page send the URL to Dean at
Claris Home Page

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