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this karma machine only
takes quarters, new age
soldier, new age soldier,
everything is all right,
everything is automatic
- The Matthew Good Band


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June 14 - 18, 1998

Information Appliances
"Too much of the coverage of new-media journalism is about jumping to conclusions... Part of our role [at BC] is to see if the coverage really is biased or not." Brill's Content's Tech Report Noah Robischon in Upside.

Canada invades the United States. First Hollywood, now we control the news. (Maclean's)

The computer industry is driven by marketing, not technological innovation. And the internet will kill the Personal Computer industry. (Salon)

Is the iMac an information appliance? send me mail.

HUMANS do it better. Help build the largest human edited directory of the Web - Become an Editor.

Blank headline - June 17,1998
Macintosh Intranet Books, for readers coming from my old Macintosh Intranet Site.

Exaggerating the logic of branding, Request Line.

No Headline Necessary - June 16,1998
In the first issue of Brill's Content Ken Starr admits to press leaks. Salon assesses the impact. The Washington Post assesses Steve Brill.

Salon's iMac discussion.

Slashdot discussion on the merits of online university courses.

Court TV's the Greatest Trials of all Time message board.

Is spam free speech? (Upside)

How's this for a Headline? June 14, 1998
Salon profiles Slashdot.

RealAudio of the secret X-FILES soundtrack message
and a "revealing" movie clip. (Ain't it Cool News)

The Soup Nazi's top secret recipes. Link found in the Obscure Store and Reading Room.

AppleRecon's iMac/vMac/OSex revelations.

Freeman Dyson says that biotech's true gift to mankind will be in understanding the structure of protein, not the Human Genome Project. (Red Herring)

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