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I read Business Week and Fortune
and Forbes to understand how the
rest of the world is viewing the
technology market and my company.
I read the Red Herring because my
competitors tell you things they would
never tell us.
- Red Herring publisher Tony Perkins
quoting Bill Gates on why he reads
the Red Herring.


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July 9 , 1998

Why does the world need your magazine? Salon asks the editors of Business 2.0, the Industry Standard, the Red Herring, Wired, Upside and Fast Company.

A CNN article says that 40% of IT workers would rather have a Liberal Arts Degree. Here's what the nerds say.

Who's next?...

Prelude to Macworld - July 6,1998
MacNN Reality predictions vs MacosRumors

AppleRecon continues to hint of a major Disney/Apple announcement, while Webintosh says Disney will be offering iMac subscriptions to Disney Blast.

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