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A web-based multimedia training system (WBT Systems). From Apple's Intranet PR.

Power Mac 7500 intranet server (Lockheed Martin). From Apple's Intranet PR.

Web Architect: Intranet Architecture (WebReview) discusses issues surrounding maintaining a corporate visual identity

Demo: How to create a Netcaster Channel (WebMonkey)

Finding the right Intranet technologies to buy (David Stom)

Mac Advocacy

This section is for articles on how to convince decision makers of the Mac advantage.


Publishing Tools

Pictorius iNetDeveloper is an Intranet publishing tool that includes a site editor, database connectivity, and team based development tools. Has anyone tried the beta?

Server Reviews
Apple Personal Web Sharing (Webintosh)
Microsoft PWS (Webintosh)
Quid Pro Quo 1.0 (Webintosh)


Review: InterJet (Macworld) A self-contained server designed to give a Local Area Network access to the internet.

6/9/97 - RSI Launches New VideoconferencingSolution (Macworld)


Three Macs and a Printer: A guide to constructing and maintaining Macintosh Networks.

Apple Intranet Guide

Web-Master Magazine

Microsoft Site Builder Network

The Intranet Journal(sm) -- Bringing the Web home

Yahoo! Search on "Intranet"

C|net's Builder.Com